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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Of our 32 teeth, adults have four wisdom teeth, which usually appear between the ages of 17-25. Wisdom tooth may erupt from the top or the bottom at the back of either side of the jaw.

Is It Painful?

Not everyone experiences excruciating pain when their wisdom teeth appears. Some might feel tenderness and soreness on their gums where the tooth is erupting, but some can experience intense pain.

The pain from wisdom teeth eruption occurs when the jaw and the mouth do not have enough space for the tooth to erupt. In such cases, the tooth will start appearing at an angle and get stuck against the surrounding teeth. This is called an impacted tooth and it causes pain and if not treated can lead to other orthodontic issues.

A dentist generally extracts the wisdom tooth when it gets impacted.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

At Chats Dental, we first check the condition of your wisdom tooth/teeth, the jaws and mouth. We analyse if there is enough space for the tooth to erupt. Our dentist does that by taking an x-ray of the wisdom tooth/teeth and sees the root of the tooth. Once our dentist analyses the image, the treatment plan is initiated.

We only do wisdom tooth extraction as a last resort when you suffer from either of the following conditions:

  • Pericoronitis: This is a condition where the wisdom tooth does not erupt fully and leads to surrounding tissues getting infected due to the impacted tooth.
  • Decay: When the wisdom tooth cannot be adequately cleaned due to its position, and it increases the chance of decay.

During the extraction procedure, we administer sedation or local anaesthesia to ensure it is painless for you. However, after the procedure is complete and the wisdom tooth is removed, you can experience swelling in the tooth extraction site for a couple of days.

Do not be alarmed if there is discomfort in the area. Our dentist will give you medications to alleviate the pain and discomfort after the extraction is done. We will also schedule another appointment after the wisdom tooth extraction to remove the stitches and check the healing process. In case you feel there is something out of the ordinary after the extraction, contacts us immediately. We will look into it and recommend further procedures and medications if required.

In case you are experiencing pain or discomfort due to your wisdom teeth contact Chats Dental now. We will provide treatment that is as painless as possible.

Wisdom Tooth Treatment

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