Please don’t leave your hurting wisdom teeth too late! 

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Wisdom teeth pain can be a real problem if you ignore it.

Bad breath, swollen gums, jaw pain, bleeding, difficulty chewing, unable to open your mouth and crowding on the rest…sounds pretty unpleasant, right?

These are symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth that aren’t treated, and too many people leave treatment too late.

This pain is quite literally a result of your wisdom teeth not having enough space to come through or ‘erupt’. So, they start to place pressure on different areas within your mouth.

Why why why?! 

At Chats Dental, we regularly see patients who have left treatment very late. They’ve been putting up with wisdom teeth pain for a while and haven’t done anything about it.

I just wish my voice could be in your head telling you to not do this. Seek treatment now!

Contrary to their name, wisdom teeth are probably the dumbest of the lot!

Adding on to those nasty problems I listed above, when left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can cause cysts, decay, gum disease and damage to other teeth.

It’s a tricky subject, because a large portion of the population will need their wisdom teeth extracted at some stage, but the solution is quick and lasts forever.

But that dreaded extraction!

I hear ya…’extraction’. It can make a person coil over and in reality, it does deter a lot of people from going through with the solution. But let me put it in perspective.

The average person that does not treat their wisdom teeth pain will experience discomfort for about 5 days every 8-12 months.


The person who extracts their wisdom teeth will have a controlled recovery for around 7-10 days. ONCE! Then it’s done!

At Chats Dental, we even offer painless dentistry. This is a method of dentistry that uses a mild form of sedation to make your experience as comfortable as possible. And after your treatment, we put you on a personalised plan that makes your recovery as pain free as possible.

So you can see why I ask the question: why why why?!

For us, it’s a no brainer. The long-term comfort that our patients experience is what ultimately makes us proud of our work and you happy that the pain is gone.

Tackle it once and avoid ongoing problems

Like a lot of oral health issues, tackling them now can save you a lot of stress and pain in the future, and wisdom teeth are no different.

However, ‘domino effect’ is particularly dominant in wisdom teeth, as the effects of not treating them can be quite far reaching and can quite often include emergency dental procedures.

The team at Chats Dental will be able to assess your mouth and determine if wisdom teeth extraction is right for you. Speak to our team today.