Hi everyone! My name is Justine and I am happily a new member of the Chats Dental family. I am beyond excited for my new role as one of the receptionists and feel great to be part of a team that selflessly supports the success and happiness of myself and others.

I chose to become a receptionist here at Chats Dental as I wish to turn my retail experience into professionalism and to prepare myself for the bigger world outside of uni. I’ll have to admit that it’s challenging to adjust to a new work role as it greatly differs from the previous jobs I have done. However, I still have so much to learn and am eager to push myself further to broaden my knowledge. I have placed myself outside my comfort zone in order to gain the skills that will allow me to improve and enhance my passion for social interactions.

Prior to this role, I worked as a retailer for four years spending the majority of my time interacting with customers in a fast-paced environment and making sure they are always satisfied. I found that I grew to love building connections with customers and enjoyed seeing how much it enhanced their in-store experience when they see a familiar face and feel comfortable for a quick chat.

With that said, I look forward to meeting new friendly faces and hope to give you all an enjoyable experience here at Chats Dental from the moment we welcome you through our door!