Hello again! We have been really busy this year so far and it makes us genuinely happy to see so many smiles coming to our surgery everyday. Chats Dental is looking forward to continually provide outstanding dental services to all and build an even stronger connection with the community. The Chats Dental team is constantly developing together in order to achieve the very best that we can. We appreciate all the support from our much valued patients and look forward to another year of serving them to the highest standard. We are excited for all the new and familiar faces that will walk through our doors this year and thank you for allowing us to serve you and your dental needs.

Here at Chats Dental, we have some incredible teams that work together smoothly and concisely to make every experience of our customers’ a great one. Dr. Chan and one of our fabulous dental assistants, Cathy, go together like salt and pepper or peanut butter and jam. They offer a perfect example of the excellence offered at Chats Dental to all of our amazing patients. They are a team that strives so hard to ensure that you have the best experience and fix your dental issues to the highest quality. Having been partners for nearly three years, they have an unbreakable bond that everyone should strive to achieve with someone at some point in their life. We are so incredibly lucky for this partnership as it demonstrates amazing teamwork and communication skills as well as inspiring others to work better together.

Chats Dental continues to develop and improve everyday and that wouldn’t be possible without such a dedicated team. We are more than just co-workers. We are family. We are driven by the desire to make your dental experience the best one yet and we share the collective goal of being the best that we can be. We continuously assist each other to improve our individual skills to help the whole team through providing constructive feedback and constant support and guidance. The New Year has already started well, with Annabel joining our team, but who knows what else the future holds! The world is our oyster and we know that together as a team we can make this year, the best year yet.