Prevention is always better than intervention!

Children from aged 2 are advised to have their first dental visit. The aim is for our young patients to get familiarised with our dental team in a friendly environment where they and their parents can be provided with correct and valuable information up-to-date for their better dental health and future wellbeing in general.

It has been known for decades that dental caries is a communicable, infectious disease caused by dental plaque, an oral biofilm, and by exposure to fermentable carbohydrate. Acidic bacterial by-products can dissolve the calcified component of dental hard tissues, leading to infection and progressive loss of tooth structure, pulpal disease and eventual tooth loss.

At CHATS DENTAL, our focus is on maximum conservation of demineralized, non-cavitated enamel and dentine by incorporating minimally invasive preventive dentistry. This involves the approach to treat dental caries integrating the dental science of early detection and diagnosis, interception with individualised risk assessment and management, patient education and dental professional treatment including non-surgical modalities prior to indications for further operations if required.

At CHATS DENTAL, we are well-equipped with the latest digital radiography (Orthophos XG5, Heliodent Plus, Durr Dental Vistascan Mini View), intraoral camera imaging system (SiroCAM AF) and the optimal hygiene standard of sterilization (DAC Universal and Melag Vacuklav 43B+).

We invest in these best equipment to ensure you the best image quality with the lowest radiation dose for our work efficiency and your reassurance.

Pit-and-fissure sealants are recognized as one of dentistry’s more effective techniques of preventing occlusal surface decay.

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At CHATS DENTAL, we believe that dental care and education needs to start as early as possible. People are the greatest asset. Dental health is essential!

Call us on 0401 SMILE7 (0401 764 537) or (02) 8065 1080 and make a dental appointment with our professional and friendly dental team, regardless of whether it will be you or your children’s first dental visit or just an opportunity to find out more about our quality and affordable dental care and services for the whole family!

Dental Caries – Recommended early detection and early treatment

This procedure consists of:

  1. Removal of dental caries from the affected areas of teeth.
  2. Followed by individualised restorative treatment with selections of dental materials.

Baby tooth with decayed cavity that is then filled with tooth-coloured dental materials and fissure sealant over the surface for overall protection.

Interproximal new carious lesions affecting neighbouring adult teeth that are then treated and filled with cosmetic dental materials.