At CHATS DENTAL, we understand each individual is different and unique, therefore we use the most effective and efficient way to straighten teeth by utilizing the INDIVIDUAL PATIENT (IP) APPLIANCE® that was the first customized appliance system in the world and is an enhanced straight archwire technique as known as the next generation of orthodontics.

The IP Appliance® revolutionized orthodontics customize the optimal appliance for each patient, including every bracket, band, archwire as well as a variety of springs and mechanics systems, all tailored to each individual’s anatomy and case goals respectively. Together with the computer aided diagnosis using digital cephalometric analysis, model measuring, and visual treatment objectives, your best natural smile with optimized teeth alignment and facial profile can be achieved in the most efficient and effective way.

The correct timing of early diagnosis and appropriate treatment plans in younger children with mixed dentition can be very beneficial. A good timing to implement the Phase I orthodontic treatment can significantly reduce the time required or sometimes it can even eliminate the need for Phase II (braces) orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign Go: A Better Way to Quick Straight Teeth

For those who think they are too old for braces or had been there, done that many years ago, yet unhappy with the relapse after braces come off, Invisalign Go may be the perfect solution for you to enjoy a beautiful smile without the need to put traditional metal braces back on again.
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