Myobrace trainers are a treatment that uses a myofunctional orthodontic technique to straighten a child’s teeth and jaws. It helps in addressing the poor oral habits that are the primary underlying causes for crooked teeth.

Why Use Myobraces

Myobraces are used as an orthodontic treatment that allows a child to avoid braces and extractions. It is generally recommended before the eruption of permanent teeth (ages 8-12).

The treatment gives the child the perfect dental arch. A child needs to wear the brace only for a couple of hours a day and during the entire night. Your child does not have to wear the braces at schools.

Benefits of Myobraces

The objectives of Myobraces are to:

  • Decrease the severity of malocclusion
  • Have better facial growth
  • Reduce the chances for dental extractions
  • Increase and improve the chances of future orthodontic treatment
  • Give your tongue a healthy posture
  • Reduce the chances of your child developing crooked teeth and jaws

The Procedure

To offer the best Myobrace treatment, a dentist needs to make a proper diagnosis and then develop a treatment plan. For the diagnosis, a detailed 3D imaging is done. We look for any impacted teeth, which are identified with the use of x-ray. We look for signs of obstruction, including airway size and enlarged adenoids.

A measurement of un-erupted teeth like canines and wisdom teeth are done without any distortion. We also assess the space available for these teeth.

After analysing all these details, we will give your child the best myobrace solution to mitigate or decrease the malocclusion.

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Myobraces Treatment

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