Hello to all, my name is Madison and I am the newest member of the Chats Dental family. I have been working with the team for the past 5 months, and I cannot be happier with the experience I have had so far.

After studying my Cert III in Dental Assisting, I was still lacking the practical experience I needed to perform my job to a certain standard, however, Dr. Catherine Yang, and Robert Wong, happily took me under their wing, and gave me my current position.

Madison pose in practice

Working at Chats Dental has really been life changing, but it hasn’t always been a breeze. I had worked in retail for just over 7 years, so transitioning to a health care setting was a little hard at the beginning. There are similarities, but also very many differences. For example, rather than just watching people’s mouths while they talk to me over a counter, I’m now right in their mouths observing everything going on inside (haha). There is also a lot more responsibility, and trying to gain our patients’ (or clients) trust, and forming a special bond with them. Before I gained the confidence I have now, I had an extreme fear of making mistakes, which really set me back from being at the professional level I am now.

Madison at reception counter

With the help of Dr. Catherine Yang, and the rest of our wonderful team, I have been able to advance so quickly in my new career. Our ‘staff’ are more like family, and are so supportive and encouraging, while also being constructive, of any new ideas we bring forward. Our business family places an extreme emphasis on personal and team growth. They have allowed me to learn at my own pace, and give praise on what I excel in. Our monthly reviews and team discussions are very helpful, and allow us to constantly improve.

Madison pose in front of logo (2)

To conclude, I love my job, I am thankful to be excelling in my career, and our business family have made me so happy that this is the path I chose; We are all so blessed to have each other.

Keep smiling,
Madison xo