Mixed Dentition

Mixed dentition is a term used where both primary and permanent teeth are in the oral cavity together. Typically the time frame of mixed dentition is between 6 years old and 13 years old.

Typically mixed detention gets cured by itself, but often there are issues, and orthodontic assessment helps in determining the development of normal occlusion and potential malocclusion. In many cases, mixed detention is a manifestation of the normal process of dental and facial development.  Any minor incisor irregularities, ectopic eruption or spacing of the teeth that appear during mixed dentition often are self-correcting with growth and development of the individual.

However, a dentist may look into the mixed dentition and offer preventive and interceptive orthodontics during mixed dentition.

Why Is Mixed Dentition Treatment Important?

The reason mixed dentition analysis is done is so that the space available in the dental arch for the eruption of the permanent teeth can be determined. This helps in understanding if there will be crowding. If mixed dentition reveals that space management can be done, then there is a greater chance of minimising crowding in permanent dentition.

What Is Preventive Orthodontics?

Steps taken to eliminate any factors that can cause malocclusion in a typically developing dentition is called preventive orthodontics. It can include:

  • Correction of dental arches
  • Correction of jaw relation abnormalities
  • Correction of occlusal

What Is Interceptive Orthodontics?

Interceptive orthodontics is another treatment in which corrective measures are taken to intercept any progression of potential irregularity that can cause severe malocclusion.

The essential factor in this treatment is that the tools used do not interfere with any changes in the development of the permanent teeth or the dynamic adjustment. It is important to note that even when children receive any treatment during mixed dentition, they will have to undergo further treatments during the permanent dentition. 

There are several ways that the dentists at Chats Dental can help your child with mixed dentition and ensure that your child has a perfect set of permanent pearly-whites to start with. For more details, book an appointment with us.

Mixed Dentition Treatment

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