Straighten your teeth quicker and see the results before you even start the process!

‘WOW’… This is literally the reaction my team at Chats Dental receive several times a week when a new patient experiences our Invisalign Go Visualisation Tool.

No, this is not some dorky tool that only dentists find cool. It’s literally a piece of software that takes a photo of your face and digitally represents what your new smile will look like when you have completed your teeth straightening experience with us.

In fact, Chats Dental is proud to be one of the first dental practices in Australia and New Zealand to be able to offer this ground-breaking technology free of charge to the general public. Seeing is believing! This software actually shows you what your new smile will look like. Imagine being able to see the end result of your straight new teeth before you’ve even started the treatment!

So why do people put off straightening their teeth?

This is the crazy part! The people of Chatswood have no idea how easy straightening your teeth can be.

What if I told you…that you could be straightening your teeth with an invisible aligner that is more affordable, less painful, quicker and simpler than most other teeth straightening alternatives.

Yep, this is why the Chats Dental team are taking it upon ourselves to spread the word to the people of Chatswood:

  • If you’re time poor…you’ll be set up and working on your new smile in about 60 minutes.
  • If you’re cost conscious…this is literally one of the most cost-effective ways to straightening teeth. PLUS, we have payment plans available.
  • If you’re worried about what people will think of you wearing aligners…our solutions are unnoticeable to the eye.
  • If you’re worried about how they will feel…our patients report that they are extremely comfortable to wear.

The confidence of a new smile

This is a big one for us at Chats Dental. Daily, our dental team see patients who are overflowing with joy by how their new smile looks.

It’s whiter! it’s brighter! It’s straighter! Our patients are smiling and showing the world their new smile. And it’s only taken them a few months to achieve. Can you imagine how that empowers a person’s confidence?

In many occasions, we have seen how an Invisalign Go smile transformation has made our patients happier.

It is a beautiful thing to watch…and it’s just so simple to achieve.

So, we know it’s good. But how does Invisalign Go actually work???

Well, once you’ve come in for a smile consultation with the team at Chats Dental, we’ll have a quick chat about what you want to achieve out of your teeth straightening experience.

We then take a highly detailed 3D scan of your mouth using state-of-the-art iTero digital scanner, just so we can ensure that your teeth straightening experience is a modern digital one personalised to your new smile. The good news for our patients is no more yucky materials in the mouth, no more gagging while getting a dental impression and no more discomfort. For us dentists, the digital workflow provides us with more control over precision and efficiency of the tooth movement, just like having a GPS guiding every step of the way.

Furthermore, this also allows our patients to see a more accurate Invisalign Go treatment result through a short 3D animated movie.

Once your custom-made Invisalign Go aligners are ready, you can begin to wear them for about 20-22 hours a day and only remove them when eating, flossing and brushing!

You can now visualise your new smile transformation aaaaaand BOOM!  in 3 to 6 months time you will have your sustainable wonderful new smile.

How does Invisalign Go work?

Why we love being dentists in Chatswood

This is a question we don’t get asked often, but we want to share. The reason why the Chats Dental team love providing Invisalign Go as a treatment is because we get to experience first-hand the joy and happiness of being able to provide meaningful change to our patients.

We love seeing patients come out the other side of a treatment with more confidence, a healthier looking smile and higher quality of life to live their best self.

I’ve been stopped in the street by one of my teeth straightening patients:

‘You have no idea how this changed my life. Not only do I now want to show my smile to the world… but I’m able to give my partner so much more sass with confidence now’.

Not only did that make chuckle, but it brought a huge smile to my face.

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