Oh my, that horrible sound from teeth grinding and the pain is not going away unless…

Have you ever heard a person grind their teeth in their sleep?

It’s a very strange noise and the constant gnawing away sound is infuriating for the partner who has to put up with it throughout the night. And for the person grinding teeth, he or she may experience extreme discomfort or significant jaw pain and regular headache from teeth grinding, also officially known as bruxism.

I’ve even had a patient who wakes himself up because he grinds so loudly!

Some of the common concerns people mention to me regarding teeth grinding are:

  • I grind my teeth and my jaw hurts
  • I can hear the clicking of my joints in my jaw
  • My partner complains about me because they can’t sleep
  • I can hear her grinding when I sleep
  • I can see their teeth flattening
  • I’m noticing the shape of my teeth changing
  • I can see my teeth slowly chipping off

We know it’s a problem, but how bad of an issue is teeth grinding?

I’m no relationship expert, but teeth grinding is a common source of relationship problems for some of my clients at Chats Dental. Their partners just can’t tolerate it anymore! We see lots of patients who have one of the following teeth grinding symptoms because they have let it go on for too long:

  • facial pain
  • headaches
  • earache
  • pain and stiffness in the jaw joint and surrounding muscles
  • disrupted sleep (for you or your partner)
  • worn-down teeth, which can lead to increased sensitivity and even tooth loss
  • broken teeth or fillings

And this is just the start. Teeth grinding is unfortunately one of those problems that can cause  a domino effect for bigger, more serious dental problems.

Put simply…when left untreated, teeth grinding is a big problem.

How do I fix teeth grinding?

Ok, I’m not going to pretend I’m some spiritual guru for the people of Chatswood, but what if I told you that you could easily fix your teeth grinding almost immediately, stop the pain associated with it, protect your teeth for the future, do it in an affordable way AND give your partner a good night sleep free of teeth grinding?

Yep, introducing our new Occlusal Splint (or night guard). Cool word, right?

This simple mouthguard is worn at night during your sleep and reduces the amount of pressure that is placed onto your teeth. It is custom fit to your mouth and provides much needed relief to the muscles around your jaw. It also reduces your risk of wearing down your teeth.

A lot of my Chatswood patients swear by their teeth grinding night guards. They can’t live without it. I’ve even had calls from some of them in a panic when they need to replace their guard.

“Oh no, I broke my night guard, how fast can you get me a new one? I really can’t sleep without one.”

What’s the first step?

It is so simple to kick-start the process of managing teeth grinding. It’s literally just a matter of us taking a digital scan of your mouth and custom-make a mouthguard for you. It’s quick, almost entirely pain-free and best of all very affordable.

To find out more, book your appointment with Chats Dental  today.