Hello everyone! My name is Annabel and I am the newest addition to the Chats Dental family. It is my first week here and I am really enjoying the work so far. I am replacing Madison as the receptionist and she will be sorely missed, but I am looking forward to my own journey starting
within Chats Dental.

Previously I had worked for four years at McDonalds which allowed me to develop excellent customer service and communication skills. Since completing my HSC, I decided it was the perfect time to reach beyond my comfort zone, spread my wings and try something new away
from the fast food industry. Working at Chats Dental is certainly very different to the work that I was used to, however I am learning fast and battling any challenge that has come my way with a positive attitude. Chats Dental has allowed me to step into the ‘real world’ and continually
develop my professional skills in a caring and compassionate environment. It has been a bit challenging to learn all the new systems as they can be a bit confusing, but where’s the fun if you aren’t challenged every once in awhile?

Some might ask why I chose to become a receptionist at Chats Dental, and the answer is quite simple. My love for human interaction fueled my desire to remain in a customer service environment, surrounded by individuals of all kinds and what better industry than reception. As a receptionist, I am able to interact with a variety of patients and I pride myself in providing a
welcoming and caring atmosphere for all ages. At Chats Dental I am able to see patients’ satisfaction after an appointment and be a part of that experience.

I am still finding my feet here, so forgive me if it takes me a little while to process your payment or make your appointment, but I promise to try my best to meet your desires and exceed your

I look forward to many new memories and experiences at Chats Dental!

Annabel xx

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