Functional Appliances

For children generally around the age of 14, functional appliances are recommended. It is most effective around that age because it is their growth stage. Functional appliances help a child in improving the meeting between the upper and the lower teeth while harnessing the growth of the jaw.

What Is Functional Appliance?

Basically, the functional appliance is a set of removable braces that are used on both upper and lower teeth simultaneously. There are several kinds of functional appliances; the most used one is the Twin Block appliance.

How Does A Twin Block Work?

The function of the Twin Block is to harness the power of the chewing muscle. To get the best result, we recommend that the Twin Blocks are worn all the time. You may however take it out for a short period if it is tiring your jaw.

How Does A Functional Appliance Work?

Functional appliances are correction braces used for ‘Class II’ problems which refer to the bite. In this case, the bite problem is that the top teeth bite is in front of the bottom teeth bite and they do not meet.

How Long Does It Take To Remedy My Bite?

Depending on the severity of the problem the treatment period might vary, but typically it takes between 9 and 12 months. We recommend that during this phase, you wear it all the time. After this period, you can choose to wear it only during the night so that the improvement continues.

A dentist can also recommend a train track brace for the second phase depending on the condition and improvement of the bite and the jaw.

Why Use Twin Blocks?

Twin blocks are designed in a way that allows you to wear them all the time, including when eating. They should however be taken out regularly for cleaning​.

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Functional Appliance Treatment

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