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Dental Fillings

Dentists have been administering fillings for a number of reasons for many years. Among other things, they are used to help retain the original tooth and fill the space in a tooth after cleaning a cavity.

What Are Fillings?

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental treatments in which a dentist fills in the gaps and cracks of a tooth with an artificial element. They are typically done after cleaning out a cavity so as to fill the hole. If you are experiencing pain or sensitivity when brushing your teeth or eating, you may have tooth decay.

Types of Dental Fillings

There are primarily two types of dental fillings:

  • White Fillings: These are the most used fillings since they match the natural colour of the tooth. White fillings are preferred especially for front teeth despite having less longevity than silver or gold fillings. Typically a white filling lasts between 3-12 years after which it needs touch-ups.
  • Gold or Silver Fillings: Many patients choose silver or gold fillings because of its longevity and is the preferred filling for an inside tooth. Sometimes patients wish to cover the silver or gold filling with white because of the unmatched colour.

Why Should You Consider Having Tooth Filling?

A filling can be suggested by a dentist for several reasons apart from filling the dental hole after cleaning the cavity.

  • Discoloured Teeth: Many factors can lead to the discolouration of the teeth and to cover it up fillings are sometimes recommended.
  • Fractured Teeth: In the case of a fractured tooth, instead of extracting it completely, a dentist might try to keep the original tooth by adding a filling. The decision to do so depends on the severity of the fracture.
  • Small Holes: At times, a tooth might have a small hole that is not a cavity, yet may be prone to damaging the tooth further by gathering bacteria. To prevent it from further decay or development of a cavity, the hole is sealed with dental fillings.
  • Temporary Fillings: After deep cleaning and treatment of a tooth the root of it can be exposed. So as to avoid harming the pulp and the root any further, a temporary filling is administered until a full root canal treatment is done. Additionally at times, a temporary filling is given to those who have genetically grooved teeth, so that food particles do not get lodged there.
  • Replace Worn Fillings: Generally, white fillings need to be replaced once every decade despite taking good care of them.

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