Here’s why you need to ask your dentist if you need dental fillings…now

Alrighty, I’m going to get a little visual with you here.

If you’re anything like us here at Chats Dental, we looove a winter fire at home when the weather is cold. But to do that, you need wood. So, you go outside, find 2 blocks of wood and start chopping.

One has lots of cracks through it and the axe glides through it instantly. Breaking it into several pieces. The second piece is solid and you can’t seem to get the axe through it.

I reckon’ the second piece had dental fillings done by Chats Dental 😜

But in all seriousness, this is very relevant to teeth. If you have teeth that have fractures, cracks or cavities and you DON’T have fillings, you are at serious risk of damaging them further. They are far more susceptible to further damage if they experience trauma…just like the first piece of wood.

So, what’s the solution? 

At Chats Dental in Chatswood, we commonly use a solution called White Fillings. This is an artificial mixture that matches the colour of your teeth.

It’s very strong. It can last for as long as 12 years and turns an area of the mouth that was once very susceptible to damage, into a strong, sturdy and durable tooth.

It’s a no brainer to strengthen your tooth.

How do white fillings work?

These tooth coloured fillings are metal free and are shaded to the actual colour of the rest of your teeth. They are made from a mix material called silicon dioxide and acrylic. They are super durable, strong and small so that they can improve the integrity of the tooth whilst looking fantastic.

Is it common?

White fillings are one of the most routine dental treatments we do at Chats Dental. They’re quick, relatively pain free and are essential to maintain healthy teeth.

The white fillings solution is not harmful to your overall general health.

When good fillings go bad

I can hear you saying, ‘yeah but I’ve had fillings before!’ It’s important to have a check-up on old fillings, just to make sure they’re still doing their job. According to the Australian Dental Association:

“Constant wear and tear can cause fillings to wear, chip or crack, opening the seal between the tooth and the filling, allowing food particles and decay-causing bacteria. However, if you’re seeing your dentist regularly, they’ll look after this before it becomes serious.”

Not only this, but older fillings can be a black and discoloured texture that we believe doesn’t compliment your full smile. Chats Dental’s painless injection doesn’t cut your tooth, is pain free and will clean up that discoloured look.

Why are silver fillings bad?

*Old-school alert*

I want you to picture something here, you’re sitting down with someone and they yawn. Whilst opening up their mouth you see those dreaded silver fillings in there. They just look terrible!

This is at the core of why we believe white fillings are so empowering for our patients. They just look so natural and they blend in with the rest of the teeth. It really makes a massive difference to a person’s confidence when they aren’t worried about what people think about their smile.

Speak to the team at Chats Dental in Chatswood about how we can perform a full oral health check to give you a full analysis of the health of your mouth.