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Dental Crown & Bridge

A crown and bridge is the procedure that a dentist uses to replace one of multiple missing teeth. Both of them are a permanent procedure. A crown covers a single tooth implant, while a bridge is typically for multiple teeth. The bridge is anchored to the abutment, which is the natural adjacent tooth or teeth. Both crown and a bridge helps in reporting the functionality of the teeth and appearance of the face.

When Is Crown and Bridges Recommended?

There are several instances when a dentist recommends crowns or bridges.

Typically a crown is recommended for:

  • Strengthening of the tooth that got weakened due to decay
  • Restoring a fractured or cracked tooth
  • Restoring the alignment, shape or shade of a tooth
  • Helping to strengthen a given functionality to a tooth after root canal procedure

A dentist for all these above reasons can recommend bridges in case there is more than a single tooth that has been damaged. Also, anyone who does not have dentures can opt for bridges.

Why Opt for Crown and Bridges

Crown and bridges offer quite a few benefits to a patient, like the following:

  • Restores the functionality of your mouth
  • Enhances your speak and chewing capacity
  • Stops the drifting out of the remaining teeth
  • Distributes the force of your bite
  • Helps in keeping the shape of your jaw and face
  • Restores your smile

Materials For Crowns and Bridges

Different kinds of materials are used to make dental crowns and bridges. The location of the implant and also the patient choice determines the material that is to be used. Typically we offer these variants:

  • Gold
  • Amalgam (silver)
  • Tooth coloured crowns and bridges are generally made of metals like gold or gold alloy fused with porcelain
  • Ceramic (Porcelain)
  • A composite material is embedded glass particles in plastic.

Types of Bridges

Like different materials, bridges have different types, unlike crowns; they are:

  • Cantilever Bridge
  • Fixed Bridge
  • Adhesive Bridge

A bridge that would suit you will be determined by your dentist. During the initial consultation after analysing your condition, your dentist will give you the details about the kind of bridge that will be used for the restoration process.

The Procedure

For crowns and bridges, you will have typically three appointments.

First Appointment: Consultation

At this appointment, your jawbone, condition of your mouth will be analysed. X-ray is taken. The dentist will give you a detailed overview of the procedure along with the cost.

Second Appointment: Preparing the tooth/teeth

  • An anaesthetist or the dentist will administer local anaesthesia to numb the area for the procedure. For patients having anxiety about the procedure, a sedative can be administered for painless dentistry.
  • A cylindrical shape is created by the dentist by shaping the outer surface of the tooth so that a crown or bridge can be set in.
  • Typically with silicon dental ‘putty’ is made to get the mould (impression) of the teeth. In an impression tray, the putty is placed and put into your mouth. Next, you have a bite into it to create the impression.
  • After the putty sets, the dentist removes the impression. Next, the dentist will take the impression of the opposite teeth to check the bite before sending it to the technician.
  • After the dental procedure, a temporary crown is set with cement while the permanent one gets created.
  • Getting the permanent crown or bridge can take between two and three weeks. The implant is brought from the dental laboratory where the impression is sent.

The Third Appointment: Fitting

  • An anaesthetist or the dentist will administer local anaesthesia to numb the area for the procedure. For patients having anxiety about the procedure, a sedative can be administered for painless dentistry.
  • The dentist removes the temporary crown, washes the cement from the tooth.
  • The permanent dental crown or the bridge is placed on the tooth/teeth. The dentist checks that the fitting. The crown or the bridge is cemented permanently after both the dentist and you are happy with it.
  • The dentist is likely to make few adjustments after checking your bite with your new crown or bridge.

To know more about whether you can benefit from with crown or bridge book an appointment with us today.

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