Bite Reconstruction

Bite reconstruction is different to a smile makeover, while the later zeros down only on the aesthetic and beautifying of the smile, bite reconstruction comprises of several surgical procedures.

What Is Bite Reconstruction?

Purpose of a bite reconstruction treatment is to improve overall oral health and smile. It can be known as minor facelift. The procedure can be partial or full bite reconstruction. The treatment helps in replacing any lost teeth, builds the height of the face and provides support for the lips. It requires a combination of procedures to help improve the chewing ability and the appearance of the face.

Why Should You Consider Bite Reconstruction?

Typically bite reconstruction is considered when a person’s back tooth/teeth are not replaced after they lose them. If the replacement is not done immediately, over time the remaining teeth around the lost tooth/teeth might be worn down. This often leads to shortened and chipped teeth, which eventually leads to the collapse of the bite and also the face. Since the teeth around the gap collapse, the space is not enough to shape the teeth nicely. Hence, the old dentistry is replaced while the dentist tries to give a comfortable bite to the patient.

Bite reconstruction becomes important because it causes bad oral health in addition to problems like headaches, pain in the jaw and even neck pain. Furthermore, a patient can suffer from problems with swallowing, chewing and speaking.

Bite Reconstruction Procedure

A bite reconstruction entails several steps and visits to the dentist. It starts with the visit to the dentist where the full assessment of the patient’s teeth, gum, jawline and mouth is done. A custom treatment plan is then made, which will ensure that all the patient’s requirements from the bite reconstruction are met. Then a digital impression is taken so that a model can be made of the patient’s ideal bite. The dentist will test the drive of the new bite of the patient. Once both the patient and the dentist is happy with the plan and the bite, then preparations will be made for the teeth for crowns, bridges, implant, and veneers. A patient at one stage is required to wear temporary crowns while the perfect smile is designed and constructed. Once the permanent treatment is adjusted and ready, the temporary crowns will be removed. The temporary crowns are replaced with the permanent ones, and the patient is all set for the new uplifted face, lips and smile.

If you are suffering from tooth loss, then please book an appointment with Chats Dental and we can recommend you a customised plan for bite reconstruction should you need one.

Bite Reconstruction

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