Baby Gum Care

It is recommended that children from an early age should visit their dentist regularly to ensure the proper development of jaw and teeth functioning instead of getting a rectification at a later stage after the problem occur.

Gum Problems Among Babies

Some of the gum problems experienced by babies and toddlers are:

Thrush: Typically found among babies who are breastfed, though not dangerous or harmful unless it is infected or impacts feeding, but oral thrush can be uncomfortable for both the baby and the mother. The signs to look for in the baby’s mouth are white, pearl-like clumps. These can have some minor rawness or might bleed when wiping away. We recommended that you go to a doctor to get some antifungal medication that can be applied to the baby’s mouth and mother’s nipples in-between feeding.

Gum Disease: Lack of proper oral care from the early stage can cause early-stage gum disease gingivitis even among babies and toddlers, though it is not common. Some other conditions, like Type 1 diabetes, Down Syndrome, and Kindler Syndrome, can also cause gum diseases among babies. The signs for baby’s gum disease are similar to that of adults, i.e. redness, bleeding, puffy gums, and sensitivity. If your baby is experiencing any discomfort, see a dentist.

Sores or Blisters: There are primarily two types of sores or blisters that a baby can suffer from:

  • Canker Sores – These can be quite painful because they are ulcers and often caused by trauma and acidic food.
  • Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease – This is a viral illness that causes blisters on hand, foot, and mouth. Generally, a baby has to run its course, but if it becomes too much or you are concerned, contact your paediatrician to get some treatment.

Why Is Baby Gum Care Important?

The reason it is essential to care for your baby’s gums from the start is not only to instil healthy oral practice but also to prevent any future tooth and gum diseases. It also reduces the chance of tooth decay (cavities) among the infants.

How To Care For Your Baby’s Gums

To care for your baby’s gums even before your baby’s first tooth appears and a toothbrush is involved, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Wipe your baby’s gums at least twice a day with a soft moistened washcloth or a piece of gauze. This is especially important after feedings and before bedtime.
  • Avoid food with high sugar content as they create a warm and moist environment for bacteria. Avoid them as they can lead to gingivitis and eventual gum and tooth decay.

It is important that you contact us at Chats Dental if there is any issue with your baby’s gums. We are experts in baby gum care and can advise you of the tips to ensure that your baby will have healthy gums and teeth.