On Friday 26th October 2018, Chats Dental held our Invisalign Go launch party!

The Invisalign Go launch party was to celebrate Dr. Catherine Yang and Dr. Mandy Tang’s achievement of being the first Invisalign Go providers in Australia! We had such a blast and are so appreciative of all our wonderful patients, new and existing, who could attend the day to share our joy!

The night before the big event, we all stayed back to decorate the surgery; it truly was a great team effort that leads to a scene so pleasing to the eye!

On the day, our lovely guests were treated to bubbly (non-alcoholic) beverages in shining wine glasses. We had also introduced iTero, the cutting-edge technology in digital dentistry. It is a device that scans your teeth and gives an on-the-spot computer simulation of what your new smile could look like by having an Invisalign Go treatment and how your teeth could move to their better positions without the need of having braces. The iTero technology also replaces the traditional impression taking methods using materials like alginate – therefore, there is no more having a mouth full of rubbery materials, and no more gagging! Everyone was so impressed by the technological advances in the field of dentistry.

Chats Dental team was so thrilled with the big turnout at our iGo launch party, and everyone left with a balloon and a great big smile!