We feel very privileged to be invited by Gordon Community Preschool to present our Chats Dental Puppet Show to a group of more than 70 children and 11 teachers on 28 March. All the children there were so excited to see our puppets performing in our theatre box which we made from recycling materials.

2018 Chats Dental Puppet Show - Team Photos

Everyone laughed when the puppets BD and T confused the dental floss with the shoelaces. We have learned the dental terms of “Incisor” and “Molar” to describe our front and back tooth. It was so much fun learning through play.

2018 Brochure horizontal

We demonstrated how to brush the teeth correctly by taking time and paying attention to all tooth surfaces. We also advised to brush the teeth at least twice a day, floss between teeth under parental supervision at least once a day, and to visit the dentist at least once every six months.

Our great puppet show was concluded with emphasis on healthy eating and wearing mouthguard made by the dentist when playing sports for the best protection of the teeth.

It was a fantastic day for all of us, receiving so many happy smiles.

We feel very honoured to further educate the children on top of all the hard work done by the teachers because we believe children are the future.

To my greatest Chats Dental Team:

Thank you, Dr Mandy Tang, beautiful Ting Sun, gorgeous Madison and darling Robert Wong for your heartfelt effort for a good cause!

It was sensational to bring important oral health messages to a group of more than 70 children and 11 teachers yesterday at Gordon Community Pre School which is one of the most nurturing local preschools in Sydney!

As a result, we are able to support the preschoolers in an early childhood development centre in Buffalo City, South Africa through B1G1 giving movement.

I am so blessed to have you all in our happy business family!

P.s. to dear Kyrah who is enjoying the sun, the sand and the sea in QLD: we miss you too!

Love, Cath Yang

2018 Chats Dental Puppet Show Goodie Bag

Thanks from Lovely Students!

We are so thrilled to receive all these beautiful drawings and thank-you messages from the students of Gordon Community Preschool! It means a lot to us. Thank you for supporting us in sharing knowledge and giving initiative by fun learning through play!
With our grateful hearts, Catherine, MandyTing and Madison.